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The Expert’s Column – Facial recognition: “Privacy is over.”

The ‘Expert’s Column’ is the new appointment with Ponzi Investigations dedicated to the most relevant topics in the field of investigations, economic and asset information and security.

In this issue, we will discuss new technologies and cybersecurity.

“There is new technology that can recognize our face, match it to our data and in a few moments reveal to anyone who we are.

An American company developed the technology and currently owns more than 40 billion photos, many more than the number of people existing on the planet.

Using a photo and an algorithm, which works like a “fingerprint,” the software provides a list of photographs of people matching that “facial impression” and takes information about every detail: eyes, measurements, freckles, angles, etc.
It works even if you cover your mouth with a mask.

This technology applies to everyone but those who are not on the Internet.

Today it is used by the U.S. police, very useful in solving cases-especially crimes of harassment and assault.

In China it is used by the government to send opponents to jail: from Beijing restaurants to Hong Kong squares, it is the tool to implement mass surveillance on the population, even though the Chinese government claims it is used to recognize terrorists!

In the U.S., it appears that use is also being made at Madison Square Garden for security and, perhaps, to card a certain category of subjects… The law allows this even though it prohibits profiling by ethnicity.

The danger of this technology is obvious because it could be used as a means of social control, so it needs to be regulated as soon as possible.”

Francesco Ponzi
CEO Gruppo Investigativo PONZI SpA

Learn more about this topic by reading an interesting survey-turned-book entitled “Your Face Belongs to Us” (Orville Press).

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