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A summary list of property transcripts, registrations and annotations

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This is a document extracted from the national database of the Registers of the Land and Real Estate Tax Agency, which contains a summary list of information (known as formalities) relating to a party or property. The search involves up to 30 formalities, which can be of three types:

  • Transcripts: sales, successions, donations, foreclosures, seizures;
  • Registrations: voluntary and judicial mortgages, other burdens and constraints;
  • Annotations: cancellation of mortgages, subrogations, etc.

Purchases are known as formalities “in favour”, while sales or mortgages, etc., are formalities “against”. Each formality listed states the following information:

  • Type of deed (sale, succession, etc.);
  • Date of the deed;
  • Registration number.

This information is sourced from the real estate registers of the Land and Real Estate Tax Agency.

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