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To obtain the identification data and earning capacity of a party’s real estate

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The land registry is the set of records and registrations containing the results of assessment, measurement and evaluation operations carried out in order to determine the value and earning capacity of immovable property and to identify the parties to which the property belongs.

Locating real estate by means of land registry searches makes it possible to determine the immovable property owned locally and nationally by a party and its identification data and earning capacity, thus contributing to forming an important wealth assessment of the person concerned. The dossier also specifies the minimum market value of each building located.

Searches can be made by property (if its identification data is known) or by name (using a tax code), either by province and/or across the country.

The added value of the land registry searches offered by Gruppo Investigativo Ponzi SpA consists not just in checking land registry deeds and documents, but also in a more comprehensive, in-depth consultation of the records of real estate registers.

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