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The real estate investigations conducted by Gruppo Investigativo Ponzi SpA concern natural or legal persons and are carried out across the entire country, offering the possibility to learn about all the real estate registered in the name of a particular party.

Such investigations are particularly useful to determine the reliability of a person and their solvency within the context of debt collection.

Through real estate investigations, Gruppo Investigativo PONZI SpA provides information on the existence and, if so, on the extent of a debtor’s seizable real estate. Adding this information to that obtained from financial and income investigations provides a complete picture of the financial and capital situation of the investigated party.

Land registry search

To obtain the identification data and earning capacity of a party’s real estate.

Mortgage search

To determine whether a person owns immovable property subject to tax burdens.

Mortgage register search

A summary list of property transcripts, registrations and annotations.

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