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Gruppo Investigativo PONZI SpA provides entrepreneurs and companies with a wide range of corporate investigations to protect their business by fighting unfair competition, the violation of non-competition agreements, customer poaching, employee absenteeism (violation of Italian Law 104 on disabilityand False Illness), intellectual property theft, trademark infringement and patent infringement.

Ponzi SpA also specialises in the assessment of income accrued due to unlawful dismissal; in investigations aimed at ascertaining the reliability of collaborators, business partners, and existing or potential employees; in incisive investigations for the retrieval and analysis of critical data in preventing or resolving corporate fraud; and in computer investigations and debugging operations by investigators experienced in Computer Forensics.

Gruppo Investigativo PONZI SpA helps to resolve complex legal issues by conducting various investigations into alleged law violations, faults in internal control systems, financial irregularities and potential insurance or computer fraud so as to ascertain any wrongful behaviour on the part of one or more employees and offer the employer the appropriate tools and documentation to proceed with their lawful dismissal.

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