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Support to banks, law firms, financial firms and insurance companies for debt collection purposes

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Gruppo Investigativo PONZI SpA is the Italian point of reference for financial/asset investigations aimed at debt collection.

In the post-credit phase, we guarantee utmost support to the information and decision-making processes of banks, law firms, insurance companies and financial firms in order to obtain all the information required for out-of-court debt collection, accelerating and optimising the various operating phases.

Our long-standing experience allows us to provide complete support to our customers through precise information obtained by:

  • Tracking all possible sources of income
  • Tracking current accounts
  • Tracking registered vehicles
  • Checking protests and insolvency events

Tracking sources of income from work

To obtain information about all the possible sources of income of a party.

Tracking current accounts

Essential bank investigations in court-ordered or out-of-court debt collection.

Tracking personal records

Investigations into the abode of a missing or unobtainable debtor.

Public vehicle register (PRA) searches

Tracking registered vehicles and searching for number plates in the public vehicle register.

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