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Investigations into relatives are asset investigations aimed at identifying legitimate heirs and verifying their acceptance or waiver of an inheritance.

They can also be particularly effective when a debtor passes away without settling a debt; in this case, the creditor has no choice but to seek out the heirs as debts are inherited together with the assets of the deceased.

Drawing on over sixty years of experience in the field of investigations, Gruppo Investigativo Ponzi SpA conducts competent, meticulous investigations into relatives.

The service includes searching for the people (legitimately) entitled to an inheritance and checking with all the Italian registries for any deeds of acceptance and/or waiver of the inheritance.

The aim of the investigation is to collect the names of the heirs of the deceased up to the first degree of kinship, including their personal data (name, surname, date and place of birth) and address of residence. A separate quote will be drawn up for searches of heirs up to the second degree of kinship.

This service provides the following information:

  • Names and personal details of heirs up to the first degree of kinship
  • The degree of kinship
  • Address of residence of up to 3 heirs
  • Telephone numbers (if available from public sources)
  • VAT number and tax domicile of up to 3 heirs

The dossier may also include the financial-capital situation of the heirs, assessed through dedicated intelligence activities, including their employment situation (employee, self-employed, retired), any real estate, corporate interests, protests or other insolvency events.

This service, useful for the purpose of debt collection and conducted through in-depth historical searches at the competent offices, aims to find those entitled to an inheritance even in the absence of a will.

All information tracking activities are carried out in full compliance with the Privacy regulations through special methods of collecting, storing and processing personal data that satisfy the principle of “ius excludendi alios” (the right of the data subject to oppose any interference by outsiders).

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