How to track a person

Tracking a person, usually a debtor or a person who has become unobtainable, is a consolidated practice within the context of financial and capital investigations for debt collection purposes.

Basically, what we search for is the last registered residence or domicile, starting from official data retrieved from the civil registries of the Italian Town Councils. Moreover, further information can be obtained by accessing and cross-checking a series of collateral data. Tracking a person’s address is not easy, as it requires following precise procedures, also to comply with privacy laws.

Tracking a person’s residence/domicile provides precise information both on the whereabouts of an individual and on their last known movements in cases of complete unattainability. In particular cases or when the search is particularly complicated, we perform onsite inspections to check the actual address of an unobtainable debtor or untraceable person.

Tracking a person’s residence/domicile also returns the personal details of the investigated party and, if possible, their telephone number, which is very important information for the purposes of debt collection.

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