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Infoproviding for classifying non-performing loan portfolios.

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PONZI SpA performs financial and capital investigations also on non-performing loans (NPL) for banks, financial companies, investment funds, law firms and full service providers. With over 700,000 positions analysed annually, the Group is currently regarded as one of the most experienced and reliable Infoproviders in Italy.

As a well-established special servicer, Gruppo Investigativo Ponzi SpA has developed efficient processes and methods for the classification of non-performing loan portfolios, defining an operational protocol that allows Originators to classify their portfolios, Investors to better assess the level of risk inherent in the subsequent collection actions, and Servicers to efficiently and professionally draw up the informative data tape.

The Due Diligence Report provides a preventive analysis of an entire lot or a subset thereof, verifying and completing personal records, identifying deceased parties, retirement positions or existing employment contracts, and conducting a final analysis for positive applications, supported by detailed financial-capital information.

This protocol ensures concrete advantages both when purchasing an NPL portfolio and when analysing stocks of acquired credits.

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