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Tracking sources of income from work, tracking current accounts, tracking down personal records and performing public vehicle register (PRA) searches.


Specific, comprehensive information dossiers on the most diverse issues.


Real estate investigations conducted by Gruppo Investigativo Ponzi SpA.

Asset investigations aimed at identifying the movable and immovable property of a natural or legal person centre around information relating to assets and real estate.

Asset investigations are an important means of ascertaining the reliability of an individual. They can be used to find out about a party’s solvency before undertaking risky commercial relations (pre-credit) and to collect debts (post-credit).

This information, together with accurate specialist investigations, determines the presence of a debtor’s seizable assets, whether movable (i.e. identifiable by tracking registered vehicles) or immovable (i.e. identifiable through land registry and mortgage searches). In addition, financial and income investigations provide a complete picture of all the main financial and capital sources of the investigated party.

Asset investigations for asset recovery purposes

Identifying and establishing the value of hidden assets is essential both for court-ordered asset recovery and for other legal solutions, especially in particular circumstances: when initiating proceedings against former business partners for the recovery of assets or when seeking to obtain the restitution of funds stolen from managers or compensation for damages. A comprehensive asset search is therefore essential when attempting to recover assets from debtors.

In over sixty years, the Ponzi Investigation Group has developed effective strategies to track down assets hidden/concealed in movable and immovable property, offshore companies or shield companies, identifying them even in the most complex systems both at home and abroad.

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