Protest and insolvency search

Protest and insolvency searches concerning natural and/or legal persons

A protest is a public deed drawn up at the request of a holder of a bill or note that describes the bill or note and declares that on a certain day the instrument was presented for, and refused, payment. A protest search is a list of protests of bills or cheques against a natural or legal person registered in the last five years at the Chambers of Commerce.

We conduct protest searches both at the national and the provincial level. The source is the Official National Information Register of protests of the Chambers of Commerce. In the event of detecting a protest, detailed information is provided including the relevant amount, the type of bill, the date the protest was drawn up and entered into the Register, the reason for non-payment, and any possible instance of two people with the same name.

The fact of being a public deed protects anyone who has financial relations with the person against whom the protest has been effected, from private citizens to credit institutions and financial companies. The service provided by Ponzi SpA, therefore, avoids unpleasant surprises connected with debt collection.

In addition to protest searches, Gruppo Investigativo Ponzi SpA also provides information on any commercial insolvency issues relating to a natural or legal person.

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