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The true value of information lies in its ability to generate further value that can be exchanged, shared and multiplied. PONZI SpA has been producing, promoting and disseminating the value of information since 1952, providing various levels of in-depth research activities and offering a broad range of information with the aim of promoting the information culture on a global level as a necessary tool when working in a highly dynamic and uncertain environment.


Legality Rating

2 legality stars conferred by the Italian Competition Authority (AGCM).

O.N.I.S.S.F. Member

We are members of Italy’s National Investigations, Security and Forensic Sciences Observatory.

A.N.C.I.C. Member

We are members of the Italian association that promotes the transparency of the information market, with the utmost respect for ethical and deontological principles.

Official Infocamere distributors

Throughout Italy.

Compliance with the G.P.D.P. Code of Conduct

On business information approved by the Italian Data Protection Authority.

Choosing PONZI SpA means benefiting from the advice of a group that operates with competence, independence, integrity and organisational excellence, as well as in compliance with the highest standards. Our know-how is an inestimable added value for our customers’ businesses.

With more than 350,000 information dossiers produced per year, we are continuously augmenting our know-how and skills, guaranteeing the highest levels of performance for our customers, even in the most intricate situations.

Gruppo Investigativo PONZI SpA is a comprehensive, fully-structured organisation that provides broad-ranging information to support businesses and individuals in their credit-related, banking, legal, insurance and corporate decision-making processes. Our seventy-year success stems from the quality, reliability and timeliness of our dossiers.

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