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We have been operating in this field for over seventy years, professionally and discretely. Our work is synonymous with quality and guaranteed results. For our customers and for other industry operators, we are a model of intuition and inspiration.

Every year we satisfy the most varied national and international requests with rigour and determination. We leverage time as an instrument for improving and offering increasingly innovative solutions that not only solve problems but, where possible, anticipate them.

This is made possible by our method – reserved, as is our nature, but well known to those who know us – which we call Investigation Management.

For us, working with method means leaving nothing to chance, from the study of ad hoc customer-based solutions to the careful analysis of every scenario, from the choice of reliable sources to the use of appropriate, state-of-the-art equipment, and through to the precise documentation and organisation of all the information collected; because we know that every detail can make a difference.

Our operational structure comprises particularly qualified internal resources: professionals with specific experience in the field of debt research and collection and with specialised competences in the legal, economic, financial and tax fields.

Every dossier or information provided to our customers is official and can be used in any situation, also in judicial proceedings. Moreover, every documentation exchange takes place using up-to-date solutions and in line with the GDPR Privacy regulations.

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